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Posted on: Monday, Dec 28, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes.


- April 2021: Carbon-negative company (CO2 emissions since its creation in 2011 have been offset)
- October 2021: Carbon-negative citizen (CO2 emissions since my birth have been offset)

In order to become carbon-negative, I’ve decided to directly contribute to reforestation projects around the world. The term “Carbon-Negative” means that I remove more carbon from the atmosphere than I emit. It is a drastic commitment to the fight against climate change which adds to the commitments I’ve already taken to have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Current status

- 264 tons CO2 emitted since my birth
- 357 tons CO2 compensated by reforestation projects See the trees

My commitments

CO2 emissions - Calculation method

1988-2011: Based on data from La Banque Mondiale - Centre d’analyse des informations relatives au dioxyde de carbone, division des sciences de l’environnement, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, États-Unis., for a total of 142.38 tons of CO2

2012-2023: 2012 being the year when I drastically changed my lifestyle (CO2 emissions lower than the Canadian average), I base myself on the result of the detailed test CoolClimate - Berkeley University which estimates the consumption of my home at 8.6 tonnes of CO2, so 94.6 tonnes of CO2 individually over 11 years.

Air travel: Since my air travel is recorded in detail in the MyFlightRadar24 tool , I am able to accurately assess that my flights represent 27 tons of CO2.

» That is a total of 264 tons of CO2.

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